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Another great day in class

The Itty Bitty Yogis are learning so much. We love seeing them grow in confidence and ability. Here's a little bit about what we did in class #3:

  • Warmed up our bodies with stretching

  • Practiced yoga breathing (ask about smelling the flower and then blowing out the candle)

  • Practiced butterfly pose (ask about singing the "butterfly wings" song)

  • Played an energetic game of freeze yoga (just like freeze tag, but instead of tagging we practice yoga poses)

  • Read Down on the Farm and practiced many animal poses (ask to see horse, cow, duck, dog, pig and goat)

  • Meditated through Mountain breathing (children learned to take HUGE mountain breaths)

  • Ended class together by saying our Itty Bitty Yogis mantra of "Bee Happy, Bee Kind, Bee You"

Want to see your yogi in action?

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Want in on the Buzz?

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