Why youth yoga?

Yoga has numerous benefits, especially for young children. Our youth yoga curriculum is designed to:


  • Improve focus concentration and listening skills

  • Improve posture, motor skills, and balance

  • Manage stress through breathing and healthy movements

  • Allow children to express their creativity in a non-competitive environment and increases confidence

  • Improve flexibility and strength


According to the Wall Street Journal: “Yoga improved students’ behavior, physical health, and academic performance, as well as, attitudes towards themselves”


There is no such thing as an under-stimulated child anymore. Yoga provides children with a chance to turn off and tune out.  They are given time to engage in a non-competitive physical activity that also allows time for quiet reflection. Read more about youth yoga here.



How we move.

Although the curriculum varies by age/stage, the general flow is:


  • Welcome and warming up our bodies

  • Instructor-led yoga-inspired games

  • Instructor-led story and movement activity (literacy component) 

  • Cool-down stretch

  • Meditation and mindfulness exercise


The three pillars of the program are fitness, focus, and fun and we strive to achieve all three of these each and every class!!


Itty Bitty Yogis classes take place at preschools, childcare centers, and elementary schools. Click here to learn about our current programs.



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