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Everyone is buzzing about Itty Bitty Yogis!

We had so much fun in Itty Bitty Yogis winter session week 2! We packed a lot of fitness, focus and fun into our second class of the year. Check it out:

Itty Bitty Yogis- kids yoga in RVA

Here's a little bit about what we did in class #2:

  • Warmed up our bodies with stretching

  • Practiced yoga breathing (ask about smelling the flower and then blowing out the candle)

  • Practiced butterfly pose (ask about singing the "butterfly wings" song)

  • Played a lively game of bee hive (designate each corner of a room as the hive. Each hive has its own yoga pose theme. Children "buzz" around the room by running or skipping until the instructor calls out "buzzing bees to your hives." The buzzing bees choose their favorite hive and strike a pose). This is a great game to repeat at home on cold, snowy days :)

  • Read Little Owl's Night and practiced many animal poses (ask to see owl, possum and bat)

  • Meditated through Elephant breathing (children pretended to be elephants using their arms as trunks and their breath to raise their trunks to the sky).

  • Ended class together by saying our Itty Bitty Yogis mantra of "Bee Happy, Bee Kind, Bee You"

Want to see your yogi in action?

Visit us on Facebook and Instagram to see pictures from class.

Want in on the Buzz?

Post a picture of your child doing his/her favorite pose from class and tag us on Facebook or Instagram and we'll hook your child up with an Itty Bitty t-shirt!


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